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Connecting Rod and Bearing

Connecting Rod and Bearing

We offer a wide range of world class Connecting Rod and Bearing. Connecting Rod and Bearing is in huge demand in the market due to its excellent use in various industrial applications. Various intense processes of die forgings, die castings, gravity die castings, shell mouldings, etc., are used for the manufacturing of Connecting Rods that ensure compliance to the international standards. These are available in standard specifications to ensure flawless working at respective application area.

Jagdumm Refrigeration CO. (JRC) is widely reputed name in the market for the availability of Connecting Rod. The use of Aluminum Alloys, Carbon Steel, Bronze, and S.G. Iron in the manufacturing of the Connecting Rods ensure notable features like high durability, robust structure, compact design and resistance to corrosion. The Compressor Connecting Rod is also available in different specifications to ensure excellent performance in respective application area. The company is enjoying huge clientele in the regions of India, Greece, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Nairobi, and UAE, and is also looking forward to establish long-term relationship with buyers, suppliers and wholesalers in the regions of Iran, Oman, UK, Chad, Ghana, Mauritius, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Albania, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Mongolia, etc. Moreover, we are counted as one of the forefront Bearing Connecting Rod Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India.

Models Available

  • Grasso : RC 11, KC, AC-70, KA85, PC-2
  • Sabroe : SMC-65, SMC-100, CMO-14, CMO-28
  • York : JS series long and short strok
  • Bock : F4, F5, F3, F40
  • Carrier : 5F & 5H40, 06E, 06D
  • Bitzer : 4G, 6G
  • Copeland : D3, D4RA, 4RH, 6DA, 6RT
  • Trane : OPEN E & F
  • Daikin : C55, C75
  • Stal : P22, P4, P8, U Series


Models Available Off Shelf

  • Bock F16
  • Carrier 5F
  • Carrier 5H40
  • Carrier 5H46
  • Daikin 6C75/HC75
  • Daikin 4C55/HC55/6C55
  • Daikin HC558C55/HC55
  • Grasso AT 6
  • Grasso RC-11
  • Grasso RC-9srs
  • Grasso AC-480/580/780/880
  • K-110Srs, K20x110 to K1120x110
  • Kirloskar (KPC) KA-20x85, KA-30x85, KA-40x85, KA60x85
  • Kirloskar (KPC) KC-2,KC-3, KC-4, KC-5, KC-6, KC-9, KC-12
  • Mycom A srs
  • Mycom B srs
  • Sabroe -180 Srs
  • Sabroe Cmo-24/26/28
  • Sabroe Cmo-14/16/18
  • Sabroe Smc-2-65/3-65/4-65/6/8-65
  • Sabroe Smc-100E Srs-104E/106E/108E/112E
  • Sabroe & T-Smc-100 Srs-104L/106L/108L/112L
  • Sabroe & T-Smc-100 Srs-104s/106s/108s/112s
  • Trane F Srs York JS
  • Trane E Srs York JG


Features Durable, Fine Finishing, Good Quality, High Strength
Ankle Size 25-50mm, 50-75mm, 75-100mm
Material Steelback With Whitemetal
Application Excavator, Tractor, Truck, Car
Color Silver
Material Iron